Our Aloha Aina

The Beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii

Rather than just the plain white sandy beach, the beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii have a few variations of colors.  Start off with the white sandy beach in Puako to the black sand beach in Waipio Valley to the green sand beach by South Point, the Big Island of Hawaii is uniquely created.  

The white sandy beaches are found in the west coast of the Island.  Our favorites are:  the Hapuna, Mauna Kea, Mauna Lani, the A-Bay, and the Spencer Beach!  


The Hapuna Beach State Park is under 7 miles away from our Cottage which translates to be 11 minutes.  There is a paid parking lot with easy access to those rinsing stations to wash off the sand.  We like the free parking from the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel.  It is not an easy walk down to the beach but we manage.  More to come!